Rebecca Mikkelson

Margaret smiled when she saw their cottage come into view. It was just as she remembered it, though the varied brown stones looked more weathered than the last time they were there. Soon they could settle and move on with their lives. “Papa, we’re home.”

The Anatalian Soldier


The Anatalian Series

Margaret Doremis, a Count's naive daughter, is thrust into a hostile and chaotic court life after the murder of her father. During a chance encounter with an escaped war criminal, she learns a long-lost secret that threatens to tear the Kingdom of Anatalia apart.

Liam Fulton is running from his past, but it catches up with him when he knocks on Margaret's door. An old archnemesis resurfaces to cause trouble for Liam, dragging Margaret into it.

Will his past indiscretion destroy her? Can she navigate the intricacies of court life, placate a delusional king, and keep Liam's secret? Or will their actions cause the kingdom to spiral into a civil war, taking thousands of lives, including their own?

The Anatalian Series is a six book series consisting of The Anatalian Soldier, The Anatalian Countess, The Anatalian Throne, The Anatalian King, The Anatalian Queen, and The Anatalian Heir.

In a Princess and The Pea retelling, Princess Adelena is summoned with the other princesses on the continent for Prince Anders to find a bride. He wants to test each princess to find the one of the highest worth, but Princess Adelena is going to be testing him to see if he is indeed worthy of her.

This short story has been rated 14+, appropriate for teens.This title has been rated 14+ appropriate for teens and contains:

brief implied sex

mild alcohol use


Rebecca Mikkelson has been writing fantasy stories since her early teens for fun and was thrilled to turn her dream into a reality when she was published for the first time in an anthology, She currently lives in Hawaii with her husband of seven years where they enjoy not going outside and avoiding the scare ball in the sky. In her free time, Rebecca likes to cross stitch to relax.

You can find her short story The Measure of a Princess here.

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