About Us

Who We Are

Authors 4 Authors Publishing is a unique publishing company run by authors. We seek to build a community of writers and artists working together to share and spread our artistic vision. We specialize in speculative fiction: science fiction and fantasy, and all of their subgenres, and other stories that take you away from the realities of today.

We are a start-up company breaking into the industry: we've already learned a lot, and plan to keep growing and learning!

What We Are

Authors 4 Authors Publishing is owned and operated by authors. Instead of answering to stockholders or investors, all decisions are made democratically by the owners. The same writers work with our authors to edit, proofread, format, and promote their books. We are more than a business: we are a community.

Please note that we are closed to unsolicited submissions until further notice.

Until further notice, we are closed to unsolicited submissions.

Why Publish With Us?

Better Royalties

As part of our goal to bridge the gap between indie publishing and traditional publishing, we offer higher and improved royalties. Instead of 10% of a book's sales, you get more with us—and once your book earns back its production cost, your royalty amount goes up!

More Creative Control

We value you as a writer—you've worked hard on your story! We want you to be as involved as you like in the production aspect of your book. Unlike a traditional publisher, you can help with cover selection and blurb writing and many other distribution decisions—or not! We will adapt to your preference, giving you the freedom to control your writing and printing journey.

Promotional Support

We understand that networking, posting on social media, and promoting your book is hard work! We want to develop a community of authors supporting each other. Publishing with us gives access to our network for blog tours, Facebook launch parties, and other promotional events.