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Historical Fantasy

This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains graphic violence, strong language, moderate sex, mild tobacco and illicit drug use, and moderate alcohol use.

Liam Fulton wants to see the world beyond the vineyard his parents live and work on. The only option he sees is the Anatalian army. Shortly after he joins, war breaks out, where he discovers a treasonous plot. Will he come away unscathed, or will his actions during the war irreparably change his life?

Margaret is just learning to fit in at court when her father falls gravely ill. The other courtiers start to pull away from her family, thinking they're cursed by God for reaching too high. Her mother, unable to handle the pressure of scrutiny, abandons them. Can Margaret figure out how to care for her father on her own?

This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains intense violence, strong language, brief sex, moderate alcohol use, and sexual assault.

Margaret loses everything when Liam Fulton stumbles upon her country home, bringing soldiers in his wake who are trying to capture him. Guilt-ridden for turning her life upside down, Liam spirits her away to the town of Marbon, where he knows she'll be safe if she'll stay put. Can they escape Liam’s past, or is Margaret’s future ruined beyond repair? 

This title has been rated S, appropriate adults, and contains intense sex, intense sexual violence, rape, domestic abuse, strong language, frequent alcohol use, and child death. 

Margaret has returned to the capital in the hopes of officially gaining her father's title and returning to their lands, where she can live in peace—but King Sorren has other plans for her. There is no escaping him, unless she can find someone's protection to fall under.

Liam, unable to follow her to the capital to keep her safe, retreats to the only place he knows that Anatalian soldiers are not welcome: Salatia. There, he finds work and may finally hope to find happiness.

This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains brief implied sex, graphic violence, rape, strong language, frequent negative alcohol use, alcoholism and depression, child death, and parent death.

Though Margaret finally has her title,  she still needs to find someone else to protect her from the king. Since Liam isn’t an option, the Duke of Fradure will have to do. Margaret just has to convince him to marry her.

Liam has settled with Gretta and her family well. A little too well. When things go south, so does Liam—until he hears that Margaret is in trouble. But as he braves the capital of Anatalia to save her, can he escape death again?


This title has been rated XS, appropriate for adults, and contains frequent graphic sex,  extreme language, moderate violence, and moderate alcohol use.

There is no lover for you in all of Carum Sound.

Prophecy or not, Princess Conora refuses to accept a life of celibacy—especially not after meeting the suave and sensual Prince Calosandros from beyond Carum Sound. Their similar Gifts even provide a connection: he can speak any language, and she can talk to animals. So, when he proposes marriage during their first meeting, Conora sees an opportunity to regain control of her life and impulsively accepts the offer.

But can she trust his seduction, or are his promises of passion and freedom too good to be true? Between clashing cultures, imposing families, and tightly-held secrets, this convenient marriage may cost them more than they bargained for. 

This title has been rated 17+ appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains brief sex, moderate language, and moderate violence.

Once upon a time, a grieving sultan made an edict: he would marry a new bride every night and kill her the next morning, before she could betray him. 

Sutaita, daughter of the Sultan’s vizier, planned on a life of quiet study. But when she learns she and her sister must be the next two brides for the bloodthirsty Sultan Shahryar al’Mamun, Sutaita decides to change their fortune. Staying alive by telling stories every night, she must buy enough time to solve the mysteries surrounding the Sultan’s edict.

Shahryar has hidden a dark secret from all the history records. If discovered, it could cost him his empire and his life. But meeting Sutaita changes everything. Intrigued by the magic of her stories, he cannot find it in his heart to kill her, a heart he had hardened long ago against any sort of love. 

In this retelling of the Arabian Nights frame story, can Sutaita slip past the walls around the Sultan’s heart and soul? Or will she end up like so many brides before—with her head on a chopping block?

Science Fiction

This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains frequent intense violence, strong language, negative moderate illicit drug use, moderate implied sex, and death of a child.

When librarian Madeline Hayes wakes up in the front yard with no memory of why she's there, her simple life in a small town becomes more complicated than she ever imagined. Strange things start happening: her father heals an injury with a touch, her elderly neighbor seems to become younger, and everyone starts getting this strange blue light in their eyes—and in their veins. 

And then people start dying. 

Can Madeline unravel this mystery and stop the strange transformations before it's too late?