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Faith Consiglio

Faith grew up in Sloatsburg, NY, and finished medical school in Stony Brook to become a psychiatrist, with an undying passion for characters and storytelling. When she's not writing or seeing patients, Faith enjoys traveling, hiking, taking her cat for walks, trying different types of green tea, and seeing how many plants she can fit in her apartment.

Watch for her debut novel, Where Ashes Reign, coming out in December 2021!

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K. R. Galindez

K. R. Galindez lives in Santa Cruz, California where he is pursuing a PhD at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He enjoys reading and writing epic fantasy. On the rare days and nights he’s not writing his dissertation or the next book in his series, he’s exploring beaches, playing video games (especially RPGs), or stargazing.

You can find K. R.'s debut novel, The Spirit of a Rising Sun, available for preorder here.

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Melion Traverse

Melion Traverse lives with one spouse, two dogs, and a mostly acceptable amount of chaos. Melion's short fiction has appeared in a variety of publications including Deep Magic, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, Cast of Wonders, and Helios Quarterly Magazine. When not writing, When not writing, Melion practices historical fencing and other martial arts, studies medieval history, lifts weights, consumes energy drinks, and wages the Battle of Dog Fur.

You can get thon's collection of short stories, Valiance: A Collection of Short Stories of Courageous Women, here.

You can find thon's debut novel, Exile, here.

Look for thon's sequel, The Perilous Keep, coming in 2022!

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Madison Wheatley

Madison Wheatley is a poet, fiction writer, and author of the debut paranormal thriller novel AMBROSIA. She specializes in speculative fiction that explores how people fight to overcome their own inner turmoil. Her young adult fiction has been featured in Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Avarice and Secrets in Our Cities: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Anthology.

Madison lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she teaches high school English. She lives with her husband of eight years and her hyperactive Mountain Feist. When not writing or teaching, she can be found playing video games, reading, or trying to learn Spanish. She has an affinity for puns, memes, and stupid humor in general.

You can find Madison's debut novel, Ambrosia, available here.

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Beatrice B. Morgan

Beatrice B. Morgan lives in southern Illinois. She loves the country, but she hates bugs. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s playing video games or D&D. Morgan is a hopeless romantic, steadfast optimist, casual nerd, and caffeine addict. She often plays her music (a mix of classic rock and pop) too loud and drives too slow. She is the author of the Devil’s Blood series and Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet.

You can find Beatrice on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And you can find her Devil's Blood series here.

Her novel, Stars and Bones: Thief in the Castle is now available here—and don't forget to check out the next two books in the series!

Her novel, Hard as Stone, is available here—book two already available!

Check out her website.

Lisa Borne Graves

Lisa Borne Graves is a YA author, English Lecturer, wife, and supermom of one wild child. Originally from the Philadelphia area, she relocated to the Deep South and found her true place of inspiration. Her love for all literature led her to branch out from the academic arena to spin her own tales. Lisa has a voracious appetite for books, British television, and pizza. Her inability to sit still makes her enjoy life to its fullest, and she can be found at the beach, pool, or on some crazy adventure.

Look for her fantasy romance novel, Fyr, here—and don't forget to check out the next two books!

You can find her paranormal romance novel, The Immortal Transcripts: Quiver, here. Watch for her second book in The Immortal Transcript series, Fever, coming February 2022!

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And you can find her other fiction here.

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Diane Anthony

Diane Anthony is the author of SUPERNOVA, which is being sold online worldwide. Diane lives in central Wisconsin with her husband and three boys. When not reading or writing, she likes to go hiking as often as she can. Her favorite trail—so far—is the Ice Age Trail with Skunk Foster Lake being her favorite section of it.

Diane's fascination with superheroes sparked the idea for her first novel, SUPERNOVA, taking some inspiration from X-Men. Her latest novel takes a darker turn following a suicidal teenager battling depression in a post-apocalyptic setting.

You can find Diane on Facebook and Twitter.

You can get her novel, Supernova, here.

Her novel, The Rare, is available now on Amazon—and don't forget to get the sequel!

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Judy Lynn

For Judy Lynn, writing stories has always been a pastime. Writing novels has always been a dream. Her favorite place to write is near the ocean in Northern California or in the middle of the woods. Nature calls to her and she loves camping, hiking, and just being outdoors at any time. She combines her love for nature and her love for writing into the same pastime. Currently she lives Northern California where she is the Circulation and Technical Services Manager for the library of a small college.

She's not fond of the city, but if you must live in one, being perfectly situated halfway between the mountains and the ocean is good. Judy has three boys keep to keep her busy, so finding time to write can be a challenge. But with the publication of her first novel Veil of Deceit, it is all worth it.

Look for her debut novel, Veil of Deceit, available now!

You can also find her short stories "Life After the War" and "To Pay a Debt" by following the links.

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William Justus

William Justus is the author of the fantasy novel, The Wind from Faerie and is currently working on book two of the series. When he isn’t writing, he is either traveling or running around as a wildlife biologist. He is obsessed with Tolkien, mythology, and the British Isles. He also enjoys pouring cups of tea at inopportune times. Will lives in Idaho, where he likes to hike with his wife and dog.

You can find William on Twitter.

Purchase his debut novel, The Wind from Faerie, available now!

C. Bradley Owens

C. Bradley Owens was born in the small coal mining town of Grundy, Virginia. After a stint in the suburbs of Chicago, C. Bradley’s family settled near the even smaller coal mining town of Haysi, Virginia, where he spent most of his childhood in the woods on the side of a mountain in the heart of the coalfields of Appalachia, dreaming of a larger, more complex world. Through reading, he found a more complex world, and as an adult he seeks to create such a world through his fiction.

He writes for all of those children sitting alone in their rooms, whether in the woods or in the city, hoping, longing, wishing for just a glimpse of another world, another possibility. He writes for the outsider in all of us, for the kids that desperately want to fit in but consistently find that they cannot for whatever reason, and he writes to let everyone know that, no matter what age or condition of birth, they are not alone on that mountain side, or in that forest, or in that apartment building, or in that house in the suburbs.

His debut novel, The First Story, is available now on Amazon.

You can find C. Bradley on Facebook and Twitter.

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Renee Frey

Chief Operating Officer

Renee has been published in two anthologies and is currently working on two standalone novels with two series in pre-development. She enjoys reading and writing fantasy for both adults and young adults. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Mike, and their two dogs: a puggle named Ziggy and a chihuahua named Megatron. Renee graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Chester University with a BA in English Literature. When she is not writing, she makes her living in instructional design, technical writing, and teaching dance.

You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

You can find her short stories "The Princess and the Frog" and "Jump Discontinuity" by following the links.

Her debut novel, One Thousand and One Days, is available now!

Brandi Spencer

Chief Administration Officer

Brandi Spencer's love stories of Carum Sound are heavily influenced by the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and two sons. The scenic views of Puget Sound and the Cascades provide plenty of inspiration for her superpowered fantasy romances. A Western Washington University alumna and former cosmetologist turned work-at-home mom and homeschool teacher, she writes in between family life and work for A4A Publishing. She loves crafting, baking, and video games and spends far too much time researching for her stories.

Her debut novel, A Seer's Daughter, is available now on Amazon.

Her sequel, The Allurist's Son, is available now!

You can also find her short stories here.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rebecca Mikkelson

Chief of Business Development

Rebecca Mikkelson has been writing fantasy stories since her early teens for fun and was thrilled to turn her dream into a reality when she was published for the first time in an anthology, She currently lives in Hawaii with her husband of nine years where they enjoy not going outside and avoiding the scare ball in the sky. In her free time, Rebecca likes to cross stitch to relax.

You can find her short story "The Measure of a Princess" here.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Affiliated Authors

Just-Us League

Writing Group

The Just-Us League is a group of friends dedicated to the craft of telling stories. They come from all over the world–America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

With different backgrounds, different styles of writing, and a variety of preferred genres, their fiction ranges from fantasy to sci-fi, from horror to romance, and more.

The one thing they have in common is storytelling. They bonded over their writing, and their love of putting words onto a page to entertain is what makes them truly happy.

Learn more at the JL Writers website.

Heather Hayden

Co-Owner Rowanwood Publishing

Fueled by chocolate and moonlight, Heather Hayden seeks to bring magic into the world through her stories.

A freelance editor by day, she pours heart and soul into her novels every night, spinning tales of science fiction and fantasy that sing of friendship and hope.

Heather’s publications include Augment, a YA science fiction novel, and several short stories in the JL Anthology series. She is currently working on Upgrade, the sequel to Augment, as well as a gaslamp fantasy series titled Rusted Magic.

You can follow Heather’s writing adventures on her website, Facebook, Twitter, or through her newsletter.